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Anyone interested in electronic cigarettes may have surely heard of V2 Cigs. The brand is advertised as the number-1 e-cigarette brand online. In fact, the internet is full of V2 Cigs reviews and testimonials. There are many consumers who have provided positive testimonials on behalf of the brand. This is why we thought of performing a comprehensive review on the V2 Cigs Starter Kit. Here are some of the most important factors about V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes, minus the discounts available.

The Standard Starter Kit seems to be the largest electronic cigarette kit on the market today, including that of Mt Baker Vapor. The design and presentation of the package looks great. The kit includes the tried and tested KR808D batteries which can be chosen in short, standard or extended sizes. You have the option to choose the automatic or manual version of the batteries. The short manual battery is rated at 150mAh while the long electric battery is rated at 380mAh. The buyer can opt for either battery as he or she wishes. The 5 cartomizer blister packs come in a nicely designed box including a detailed warning about the nicotine level and smoking age. The USB charger features the logo that lights up when in use. The Starter Kit includes a handy wall adapter, too. The Standard Kit is an excellent option for anyone who wants to begin their vaping experience without spending a fortune on it. The same goes for Green Smoke.

The performance of the 380mAh battery was quite impressive. The battery is 110mm long, and becomes 140mm with the cartomizer attached to it. It is much less noticeable compared to the eGo batteries of the tank system. The high mAh rating will help you vape for a longer period. A heavy vaper will require at least two of these kinds of batteries to get through the day. The battery is regulated at 4.2 volts and is the best tc mod. You get a satisfying mouthful of vapor with each draw. With the increased voltage, the battery plays a big role in the increased vapor production of V2 Cigs.

The e-liquid is a mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. It offers a great throat hit and vapor productions to the users. If you are used to smoking a strong tobacco cigarette, you may have to go for a higher strength of nicotine in V2 Cigs. Many of its users have spoken badly about the flavors. This is the only negative aspect of the electronic cigarette. The Red and Menthol e-liquids were not that impressive either. The nutty aftertaste of the Red tobacco is quite strong. The cartomizers are a lot less prone to leakages compared to most of the other brands of e-Cigs.

In conclusion, Mt Baker Vapor Starter Kit is considered one of the best brands of electronic cigarettes on the market today. There have been so many reviews for this brand on the net. This article provides a comprehensive overview on the V2 Cigs Starter Kit. It will help you make the right decision when purchasing the best electronic cigarette on the market.

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